Applying for a rental licence in Spain: an overview

Holiday rental regulations in Spain depend on the autonomous region. So different rules apply in the Costa Blanca (Valencia - Benidorm - Alicante - Torrevieja) than in the Costa del Sol (Malaga - Marbella - Estepona), in the Costa Calida (Murcia) and Costa Brava (Girona). Therefore, in this article you will find a summary by region about applying for a rental licence.

Applying for a rental licence: general rules

Regardless of which region you wish to rent in, there are also some common rules.

For example, if your house or flat is part of a co-owners' association, it is important that there is no ban on holiday rentals. The general meeting of co-owners can decide by a 3/5 majority to prohibit holiday rentals. However, such a ban only applies to future licences. The existing rental licences in the complex will be retained. Find out more about co-owners' associations in Spain here.

In addition, your house or flat must meet a number of conditions. For instance, there should be a certificate of conformity and there should be no building violations.

You should also have a civil liability insurance to be available for physical damage caused by tenant accidents, for example.

Costa Blanca

In Costa Blanca, you will start an application with the municipality in which your property is located. They will then assess whether the rental activity fits into the immediate area. Consider, for example, the number of licences already granted, the hotels present or the residential character of the area. The municipality may therefore refuse an application, so that you cannot obtain a rental licence. However, if the municipality answers positively, you can continue your application with the Generalitat Valenciana and get your rental number (VT number). With your registration, you can start renting out. Keep in mind that, depending on municipality to municipality, the processing time of an application can take from 2 weeks to a year.

Note: from city to city, there may still be restrictions. For example, it is not possible to live in certain districts of Valencia City holiday let or are you only allowed to let on the ground floor and first floor of an apartment building.

Find more information on rental legislation in the Comunidad Valenciana here.

Costa Calida

In Costa Calida, the application process is simpler. You can apply directly for a licence at the Región de Murcia via a Declaración Responsable. However, it is still important that your property meets housing standards. In Murcia, an application process takes 10 days to 30 days.

Find out more about a rental licence in Murcia here.

Costa del Sol

In Costa del Sol, there is a similar procedure as in Costa Calida. You must provide the certificate of conformity (Licencia de Ocupación) to be submitted, after which you will receive an application form (Declaración Responsable) you can apply for the rental number. The procedure is entirely online and the turnaround time ranges from 1 to 14 days.

Here you will find more information about renting in Andalusia.

Costa Brava

In Catalonia, there is a similar procedure to the Costa Blanca. You need to have a HUT number ((Habitatge d'Ús Turístic)) to have. To obtain a HUT number to apply, you must first get approval from the municipality. Only after approval from the municipality, you can apply for the HUT number from the Generalitat of Catalonia. The processing time depends on the municipality. In one municipality it is extremely fast, but in a neighbouring municipality it may take several months.

Note: Depending on the city, there may be additional obligations. For example, restrictions apply in certain neighbourhoods of Barcelona city.

Read more about applying for a HUT number in Catalonia.


You can only apply for a rental licence after the deed of purchase has been executed. If you are interested in Spanish property to rent out, it is important to have a check beforehand whether the property is eligible for a rental licence. This investigation can be done during the reservation period.

Do you have questions about letting in Spain or about applying for a letting licence? Then feel free to contact with us.

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