New rental legislation in Andalusia in force from 22/02/2024.

Obtaining a holiday rental licence is likely to be more difficult in Andalusia from 22/02/2024. In this article, we discuss the three main changes.

You can already find the publication of the decree here.

Municipalities can limit the number of rental licences allowed

Local governments can grant a maximum number of rental licences allowed per building, district or region. Initially, mainly cities such as Málaga, Seville and Cadiz will impose restrictions.

No rental licences for properties in rustico area

Illegal housing in rustico zones and homes with a (D)AFO are in principle not eligible for a rental licence. However, as an exception, the municipality can provide an explicit exception through an application procedure, case by case.

Additional practical conditions in rental legislation in Andalusia

Finally, the legislation provides a whole list of additional requirements the accommodation must meet. These include a minimum area of rooms, quality and safety requirements, as well as the minimum size of beds and thickness of mattresses. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the new obligations.

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