Declaration of estate

Importance of a correct declaration

For an estate declaration, you need to map out the testator's asset situation in its entirety. A whole legal preparation preceding. How do we value the property? Have there been donations in the past? What exemptions and reductions can we benefit from? Good preparation is therefore crucial. The financial consequences are therefore considerable: an incorrect declaration may lead to higher inheritance tax, penalty or challenge.

Administrative unburdening

For this reason, our firm is regularly asked to prepare estate returns. Confianz offers you a total package. We take all possible administrative tasks for you and your family out of hands.

Not only can we obtain the necessary information from official bodies, we also assist you with all the preparations. So you do not have to worry about these administrative steps.

Also with foreign assets

Do you inherit goods abroad? You also need to declare these foreign assets. Confianz specialises in estate declaration with foreign property.

For example, if you inherit Spanish property, we can record its value correctly and in a timely manner. In addition, we can also take care of the settlement in Spain. Here you can find more information on estate declaration with Spanish property in advance.

Regular and personal communication

Your feedback and comments are important for understanding the testator's (family) situation. Consider, for example, obtaining a correct valuation of assets. So your insights are certainly welcome. This is why it is appropriate for us to meet regularly and in person. Confianz aims to inform you periodically about the state of affairs.

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