Buying in Spain

Are you considering a property purchase in Spain? Buying in Spain comes with many questions. That's why Confianz helps you realise your dream step by step: we offer a total package to When buying a property in Spain.

Confianz offers the safest way to buy through independent guidance and legal advice.

In Spain, it is possible for you to take over debts and construction defects from the seller when you buy property. It is not the Spanish notary's job to make you aware of the possible risks. Therefore, it is essential To carry out prior legal checks by our lawyers in Spain.

Buying safely in Spain

Confianz advises you throughout the entire buying process. This from your search for an ideal home to after the notarial deed has been executed.

Before you sign the purchase agreement, Confianz will assist you with researching the legal situation of the property. As a result, you will be well-informed about the urban planning, financial and fiscal situation of the property. If you are considering a sale on plan, we also check the promoter's permits and financial guarantees.

What does purchase conveyancing involve?

What should I look out for when buying in Spain?

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