Valuation for property in Spain

Are you inheriting property in Spain? When declaring the estate, you should declare the sale value of the property. However, we note that the heirs face difficulties in correctly valuing the Spanish property. Therefore, our firm can help you with property valuation in Spain.

After all, the Spanish tax authorities will have a valuation tool for real estate developed. The valuation method is based, among other things, on the sales prices of similar properties in the region. As a result, we find that these valuations correspond to a realistic market value. The Spanish tax authorities accept this reference value for the declaration of inheritance in Spain.

Because the valuations are quite accurate to the potential sale value, you can use these estimates for the Flemish inheritance tax return. Find more information on declaring an estate with property in Spain here.

Only Spanish notaries and Spanish lawyers can request an appraisal from the tax authorities. If you wish, we can obtain a tax valuation for property in Spain. We will endeavour to provide you with the tax certificate within 10 working days upon receipt of your details. You can then use this certificate when filing your estate declaration.

What documents do you need?

Only one of the following pieces are needed:

  • The invoice/tax assessment from the IBI or SUMA (not the proof of payment);
  • or the cadastral sheet "descriptiva y grafica";
  • Or the title deed of the property Spain.


With these documents, we can start the application.

How does it work?

If you would like to request the tax certificate from the Spanish tax authorities, please contact us, for example using the contact form below. You will then receive more information from us about inheriting in Spain.

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