Renting in Murcia: when do I need a licence?

As in Previous articles on renting out in Spain declared, you can no longer just rent in Spain to tourists. This is because Spanish law imposes additional obligations. However, the rules differ from region to region. For instance, the legislation is different in Valencia, Andalusia, Catalonia, etc. This article will explain the legislation for tourist rentals in the Comunidad Murcia (Decreto 75/2005) .

Renting in Murcia : when does tourist rental legislation apply?

You must apply for a licence apply when you rent out accommodation for a fee that:

  • furnished and ready-to-go;
  • is advertised through online or offline channels (Airbnb, HomeAway,, local magazines etc.) and;
  • to tourists.

It is irrelevant whether you only rent out rooms or provide the entire accommodation. Both letting rooms in a B&B and renting out a holiday home to tourists both qualify as tourist rentals.

Tourist character is often a question of fact with length of stay as an important indicator. Typically, a stay of around two months is no longer touristy in nature. For example, renting to winter visitors is not a tourist rental.

What are the minimum requirements of tourist rental?

The minimum facilities are:

  • availability of hot and cold water;
  • electricity and sufficient working lighting;
  • a working TV;
  • adequate sanitary facilities;
  • Home insurance with tenant coverage.

The contact information of the owner or rental company must be visible in the accommodation. The same applies to emergency numbers. The owner should also draw up house rules for guests.

How does the application process work?

Using a declaration on honour, you can apply for the licence. With this, you then indicate that the accommodation meets the minimum facilities. In doing so, you attach an overview that includes the following points:

  • address of the property;
  • maximum number of people who can stay in can stay in the holiday home;
  • number of bathrooms;
  • number of TVs.

You will then receive the licence in principle within 3 months of application. After application, however, you can start renting immediately. If you later wish to stop the rental activities, you should notify the Murcia Tourism Department.

What are my obligations after the application?

First of all, you should clearly display the accommodation's registration number and rental prices on all advertisements. You will also have to provide a complaint form in the accommodation, this in Spanish, English and French.

In addition, you should provide a clean-up before every check-in of new guests. In addition, bedding should be changed at least once a week.

Most important obligation is that you provide the police with your guest list.

Finally, you should declare your rental income. Note that online channels are required to pass on booking details to the Spanish tax authorities. As a result, the tax authorities are aware of your rental income.

Read more about taxes on rental income in Spain.

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