What future EPC requirements to consider in Spain?

In Flanders, we have a renovation obligation if you buy a house or flat with an energy label of E or F. You are obliged to renovate to an energy label of at least D within 5 years of purchase. From 2028, the obligation is to renovate to energy label C and from 2035 to energy label B. Although an energy performance certificate (EPC certificate) is also compulsory in Spain, in Spain, the renovation obligation does not currently exist.

Possibly in the future

However, because of European regulations, energy performance requirements will also tighten in Spain. For instance, existing residential houses will have to have at least energy label E by 2030. By 2033, this will be energy label D.

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What obligations exist with a lower energy label?

At the moment, it is not yet clear how the Spanish government will implement the EPC requirements. It is expected that there will be a renovation obligation for owners when selling or renting. Homes that will not meet the requirements can then no longer be sold or rented out, for example.

The question is whether there will indeed be such a restriction on sales or rentals. The reality is that more than 80% of Spain's real estate patrimony does not or will not meet future energy preservation requirements. For many Spanish households, renovating will also not always be financially viable, although regional governments provide various tax incentives and subsidies.

In addition, affordable housing is already a major problem in several Spanish cities. Imposing additional investments on homeowners will not improve housing affordability. Nor will a rent restriction increase current tight rental supply. Therefore, it remains to be seen how the impact will happen in Spain: the soup will not be eaten as hot as it is served.

Decision: EPC requirements in Spain

Nonetheless, it is advisable that, in case of any purchase in Spain, takes into account the energy performance of the house. You would be well advised to purchase a property with an energy label of at least D or include any future renovation in the purchase price.

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