When do I need an EPC certificate in Spain?

If you sell or rent a property in Belgium, you are usually required to have an EPC certificate. In Spain, an EPC certificate is also compulsory when selling or renting out. However, the rules are different from those in Belgium. This article explains when you need an EPC certificate in Spain.

EPC certificate in Spain with every sale or rental

In Belgium, the rule is that you need an EPC certificate if you publicly put your property up for sale or rent. In Spain, there should be an EPC certificate for every sale or rental. However, there are some exceptions.

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Thus, the most relevant exception is for residential properties that are vacant for at least four months a year and where the expected energy consumption is less than 25% compared to a full year of energy consumption. In that case, the seller can make a declaration and an EPC certificate is not required.

Other exceptions relate to properties purchased for complete renovation or demolition. There is also an exception for buildings with an area smaller than 50m2.

How do I obtain an EPC certificate in Spain?

Also as in Belgium, you will have to appoint an energy expert. This expert will come on site to look at the property. Afterwards, his report is registered and you will then normally receive the EPC certificate within one to two weeks. In practice, an energy expert is appointed by your estate agent or by us.

What does an EPC certificate cost?

This depends on the size of the property. Prices are situated around:

  • Up to 100m2: 125 euro + VAT
  • 100m2-200m2: 165 euro + VAT
  • 200m2 - 300m2: €195 + VAT
  • 300m2 - 400m2: 245 euro + VAT
  • 400m2 - 500m2: 295 euro + VAT
  • From 600m2: 350 euros + VAT

What are the costs of selling a property in Spain?

Selling in Spain?

If you put your property up for sale, you will need to have other documents available. Think of the certificate of conformity, the urban development extract, the note simple or the cadastral extract. In practice, however, this largely depends on what the buyer actually asks for. In any case, it is advisable to have your file in order beforehand. That way, you can not only sell faster, but also get a better price.

What other documents do I need when selling a property in Spain?

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