Selling my house in Spain: what documents do I need?

You want to sell your house in Spain? If so, you will need a number of documents. This article explains all the documents you need when selling a property in Spain.

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Notarial act

That you need the notarial deed to sell your Spanish property is normal. However, it often happens that the description of the property in the notarial deed is no longer up to date. If you make renovations to your property, the description is no longer correct. For example, you widen your terrace. It is mandatory to report the alterations.

Note: renovations inside the house need not be reported. Only the outside of the house is important (superficie construída).

Adjustment in the land register

You will also have to register changes to the property with the property register and land register. The IBI tax is based on the size of the property. An example: you buy a building of 120m2. The SUMA is 300 euros. Later build a garage of 40m2 at. The adjustment increases the SUMA to 350 euros. So selling a house in Spain can lead to unexpected taxes.

You can regularise conversions with the help of a lawyer or legal expert.

Building condition of the property

Selling your house in Spain comes with the necessary permits. In particular, you will need two documents:

  • certificate of conformity;
  • urban planning excerpt.

The certificate of conformity you need to demonstrate that the building meets Spanish building requirements and housing standards. It is also needed to connect utilities. A certificate of conformity is valid for 5 years or 10 years.

The urban planning extract (Certificado de No Infracción Urbanística) allows to prove that no building violations were identified. This is an important document for potential buyers. You can request the urban planning extract from the municipality or through your lawyer.

Capital gains tax

Are you a resident in Spain or do you live in Belgium? The calculation of the capital gains tax depends on your main residence. If you are a non-resident in Spain, the buyer will deduct 3% from the sale value to pay your capital gains tax. However, if you are a Spanish resident, you will need to prove your residence (or residency) in Spain through your tax return.

Note: it will be checked whether you have paid income taxes in Spain. Therefore, it is recommended that you request advice on your tax situation in Spain before you sell. After all, you risk fines.

Other documents

You will need the following documents to sell your Spanish property:

  • escritura or notarised deed;
  • assessment of municipal taxes;
  • water and electricity bills;
  • certificate of conformity;
  • urban planning excerpt;
  • certificate from the co-owners' association if the property is located in an urbanisation ;
  • NIE number and identity card;
  • EPC certificate.

You should complete the following tax forms:

  • Model 210 or 214 of the previous three years for non-residents
  • Model 100 of the previous 3 years for residents.

Selling my house in Spain?

Do you have a property in the Costa Blanca and are considering selling? We will then be happy to put you in touch with a professional estate agent. 

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