Review: webinar on Spanish taxes on rental income from 01/02/2024

On Thursday 01 February 2024, we organised a free webinar on Spanish taxes on rental income. What taxes do you pay in Spain on property? How do you calculate the rental return on your Spanish property? In this webinar, you will find an overview of the different costs with a calculation of rental taxes. Two topics will be discussed: - a practical overview of the different Spanish taxes on property (income); - the calculation of Spanish taxes on your rental income.

Questions from participants:

Does withhold VAT and do I not have to file a VAT return myself? According to our information, you still need to declare VAT yourself.

Is renting out a parking space a hotel service? Offering a parking space is not necessarily a service specific to the hotel sector within the meaning of VAT legislation. However, you must charge VAT on the rental of a parking space if the rental of the parking space is separate from the rental of the property, for example if you offer the parking space optionally.

Here is the link to the calculation example.

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