How do I calculate taxes in Spain? A calculation example.


You are not a resident of Spain and you rented out your flat in Estepona for 21 days during the month of August. You received 3,000 euros in rent for this. You were also paid 800 euros for cleaning the apartment.
You have the following fixed costs:

  • 800 euros municipal tax (IBI) per year
  • 180 euro waste disposal (basura) per year
  • 300 euros of fire insurance per year
  • 1,200 euros to the community of co-owners (syndic) per year.

In addition, you paid 20% commission to your rental agency, i.e. €600. The
costs for utilities were 400 euros in the month of August (consumption period 01/08 - 31/08). Clean-up costs were 220 euros.

The purchase price of the flat was 400,000 euros. Notary and registration fees and transfer tax amounted to 30,000 euros. The cadastral value of the property is 200,000 euros. The construction share is 120,000 euros.

However, you find on arrival that an air-conditioning unit in the bedroom has stopped working. You leave this
recover in September for €800.


Total rental income = €3,800
Clean-up costs -220 euros
Commission -600 euro
Utilities -270.97 euros (400/31*21 days)
Municipal tax -€46.03 (800/365*21 days)
Waste disposal -10.36 euros (180 euros/365*21 days)
Fire insurance -17.26 euros (300 euros/365 *21 days)
Community contributions -69.04 euros (1,200 euros/365* 21 days)
Depreciation property: - €445.31 (0.03*0.6*430,000)/365* 21 days)

Taxable base = €2,121.03
Tax (19%) = €403.00

The air-conditioning repair costs are not attributable to the rental period, so you cannot deduct this €800.

You do before 20/01/2025.

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