Rewatch: webinar on the main missteps when buying a property in Spain from 27/06/2024

On Thursday 27/06, we organised a webinar on some common missteps when buying a property in Spain.

Stijn Govaert explained why it is important not to sign any agreement immediately If you have found a property in Spain. It is always important to carry out legal checks on a property before you commit to purchase. In addition, the results of the checks can also give you arguments to renegotiate the sale and negotiate a better price, for example.

Learn more about the buying process of an existing home here.

Glenn Janssens spoke to a common problem at the lack of planning permission on a newly launched new construction project. This can leave you tied to a purchase contract for an indefinite period of time, with no concrete prospect of a completion date.

Read more about the issue of lack of planning permission here.

Finally, furnished (holiday) rentals were discussed. Often, landlords forget that they have the movable rental income of their holiday home must declare it in Belgium.

Learn more about Belgian taxes on Spanish property here.

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