The importance of Form S1 in Spain: your gateway to healthcare

Moving to Spain is a big step with many uncertainties. One of the essential steps is to join the Spanish public health insurance scheme. You can join via Form S1, a document of considerable importance for expats and pensioners in Spain.

What to look out for when emigrating to Spain?

What is the Form S1?

The Form S1, also known as the E121 form, is an official document issued by the national health insurance of your country of origin (e.g. the mutualité in Belgium or the health insurer in the Netherlands). It is intended for citizens of EU member states living, working (posted) or retired in Spain. The main purpose of the Form S1 is to ensure that you have access to healthcare in Spain on the same terms as the local population.

The Form S1 allows you to benefit from medical care without the high cost of private insurance. Your healthcare costs will be covered by your country of origin, giving you peace of mind in case of illness or accident. Being covered by medical care is mandatory to become a resident in Spain.

Here you will find more information on the steps to become a resident in Spain.

Access to the Spanish health system

Once you have obtained the form and registered with the Spanish health system, you can simply use your Spanish health card to access medical services.

Belgian pensioners can enjoy a right of return under certain conditions. This means they are reimbursed for medical expenses in Belgium according to Belgian health insurance.

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How do you obtain the Form S1?

To obtain Form S1, you should contact your mutualiteit in Belgium or your health insurer in the Netherlands They will provide you with the correct application process and the necessary documents. It is advisable to contact your mutualiteit or health insurer at least two months before your departure.

Once you have the Form S1, you need to register with the Seguridad Social in Spain to access care.

Do you have any questions about emigrating to Spain? Then feel free to contact us or see what we can do for you with our package emigration counselling.

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