Medical care in Spain

We are regularly asked when, as a Belgian, one is entitled to medical care in Spain. After all, several clients spend several months a year in their second residence in Spain. The question is then what happens if they need medical care?

You are not a resident in Spain

If you are not a resident in Spain, but are a regular visitor there, you can get (per person) a free European Health Insurance Card apply to your health insurance fund. With a European Health Insurance Card, you can claim Spanish public medical care for temporary stays in Spain.

However, this medical care is limited to the care necessary to repatriate you back to Belgium. These medical costs are paid for by the mutual insurance company. For example, if you are admitted to a Spanish public hospital, this hospital will settle the costs with your Belgian health insurance fund. In a private hospital, however, this is not the case and the European Health Insurance Card is not always accepted.

If you no European Health Insurance Card has applied for and you need urgent medical care, you can contact (or arrange to contact) Mutas. Mutas is a collaboration of the various Belgian mutual societies. They will then guide you further and liaise with local medical services.

You are a resident in Spain

If you are a resident in Spain, you can apply for a SIP card. When you receive the residencia and the padrón you can collect the SIP card (Sistema de Informacion Poblacional). This gives you free access to public healthcare in Spain.

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In addition to public healthcare, you can seek private health insurance. Consider insurers such as Allianz Care, BUPA Global, Cigna Global, Aetna, etc.

In certain situations, you can also use Belgian consular services.

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