Corona rules in Spain: new state of emergency

On 25 October, the Spanish national government declared a new state of emergency for 15 days, with the possibility of extension until 9 May 2021.

At the national level, there will be a curfew from 11pm to 6am. Regional authorities may deviate from this by one hour.

Meetings with more than 6 people are prohibited.

The autonomous regions may also adopt additional measures. For example, restrictions on freedom of movement are currently already in place in Asturias.

Regional governments will have the ability to ban non-essential travel to another region. This is likely to happen for the regions around Madrid.

The national borders remain open. From 23 November, you must have a negative coronas test 72 hours prior to entering Spain.

There will be exceptions for the Canary Islands.

It was stressed that there were no total lockdown comes as in March and April.

Comunidad Valenciana

Travel restrictions to other regions, curfew from 0am to 6am. No travel restrictions in the region. Recreational parks closed from 10pm. Mandatory closing of bars at 00h00 and no orders from 23h00. Additional restrictions in some municipalities.


Similar measures as with us in Belgium. Close non-essential commercial establishments, including restaurants and bars. Municipal borders closed for non-essential travel. Stricter lockdown for some cities, such as Granada. Curfew from 10am to 7am from Tuesday 10/11. Measures in place until 23/11.


Shops close from 9pm. Restaurants and bars remain closed. Take-away possible. Borders with other regions are closed. Weekend quarantine: borders between municipalities are closed on weekends.


Close the borders of the autonomous region, and free movement between municipalities is cut off.

Balearic Islands

National rules are strength. In addition, smoking on the streets is prohibited. 30% capacity of places of worship. The regional government is considering mandatory testing at ports and airports.

Overview with accessibility regions

If we obtain more information about the corona rules in Spain, we will update you. Update 16/11.

For those proficient in Spanish: here you will find an up-to-date overview per autonomous region

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