How do I apply for a NIF number for Portugal?

If you wish to buy property in Portugal or if you wish to move to Portugal in the long run, a NIF number will be necessary. In this article, you will find more information about a NIF and how to apply for the number.

What is a NIF number?

A NIF number (Numero de Indentificacao Fiscal) is a unique tax identification number and you use it for all official communication with the Portuguese government. Both (future) residents in Portugal and non-residents (second residents) need it.

For instance, the number is necessary to purchase property. However, you also need the NIF for a bank account, phone subscription, buying a car, etc. You will also be asked for your NIF if you wish to receive an invoice for a particular work. In short: you need the number for most legal actions in Portugal.

There is a hideaway between a NIF for residents and provisional NIF. The latter number is, for example, for those who purchase a second residence without wanting to move to Portugal. Later, the provisional number becomes permanent.

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How can you apply for a NIF number?

You can request this number in person from a local office of the Finanças or the Lojas de Cidadão. You will need the following documents for this purpose:

  • proof of residence, e.g. an electricity bill;
  • your identity card.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an application is also (temporarily for now) possible online.

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Applying for a NIF number from abroad requires the intervention of a local representative. You do not then have to be present in Portugal in person. Confianz can assist you with this.

Are you currently a non-EU resident? Then a local representative is required anyway. In that case, it is appropriate to submit the application via notarised power of attorney.

Do you have questions about the NIF number? Or are you considering buying a property in Portugal? If so, please feel free to contact on.

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