Seminar Second Home Expo Ghent on renting out in Spain

Seminar on letting in Spain at Second Home Expo Ghent - At Friday 15 February and Saturday 16 February Confianz/TLAcorp will speak at the Second Home Expo Ghent On rental legislation in Spain. Our seminars are scheduled at 15h45 each time.

Tourism rentals vary from region to region

Letting your property through online channels such as Airbnb and HomeAway is strictly regulated in Spain. However, the legislation is complex. Each Spanish autonomous region can introduce its own rules for tourist rentals. Spain has 17 autonomous regions.

Local governments can also introduce rules

Municipalities also have the option of imposing additional restrictions. In Palma, for instance, there is a total ban.

Another well-known example is Valencia city. Valencia prohibits tourist rentals in certain zones in the city centre. It also only allows rentals to tourists on the ground and first floor.

Rules of co-ownership

In certain regions, urbanisations may issue restrictive rules. Therefore, it is important to check the co-ownership statutes before purchase.

National legislation

Although Spain's autonomous regions set the rules for tourist rentals, national rules also apply. Consider, for example, ordinary rentals and residential rentals. The latter form of contract is aimed at tenants who maintain their main residence there. Therefore, residential rental offers extensive protection to tenants.

Ordinary rent, on the other hand, is more flexible and applies to seasonal tenants, for example.

Read more about tourism legislation in Valencia and Andalusia.

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