Belgian pension in Spain: how taxed?

In a previous blog post, we explained that emigrate to Spain consequences on your taxes. This is also true for your Belgian pension in Spain.

Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain as a pensioner will not affect your accrued pension rights. The Belgian government will continue to pay your pension, but when you move to Spain you may become a tax resident there. All your income, regardless of its origin, will then in principle be taxed according to Spanish tax law. The Spanish tax authorities will then be allowed to tax your Belgian pension in certain cases.

Pension in Spain taxed under Spanish law

If you have always worked in the private sector, your pension will be fully taxable in Spain. In this case, the Belgian government will pay you a gross pension, with no deductions. In the Spanish tax return, each June, you will then be obliged to report your income from the Belgian pension.

Pension in Spain taxed under Belgian law

If you have had a government job, your pension will continue to be taxed under Belgian tax law in certain cases. And this regardless of whether you are not a tax resident in Belgium. The Spanish tax authorities will then not be allowed to levy taxes on your pension. Note that you will then still have to file a tax return in Spain, but the Belgian taxes paid will be offset against your Spanish taxes.

How is my pension taxed in Spain?

Spanish tax law is very complex. In addition, the tax payable depends on several factors. For instance, your family situation, the Communidad in which you live and your other income from Spain and Belgium.

Note: you may receive your supplementary pension capital while already living in Spain. Spain taxes the capital to be received significantly higher than Belgium.

Save taxes

Avoid surprises: Confianz can accurately calculate how much tax you will have to pay in Spain. Ask in advance tax advice.

Using concrete recommendations, we can help you save taxes. This both for your income from Spain and for your income from Belgium. So be sure not to pay too much.

Report your move to the Pension Service?

You should report your move to the Pension Service two months before you leave. This will allow them to continue paying your pension. You can find more information on the website of the pension service.

Confianz can fully assist you with a the administrative steps to become a resident in Spain. Please feel free to take contact on.

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