All About Spain Podcast: episode 8

Episode 8 of the All About Spain podcast is about emigrating to Spain. Our guest, Tanguy Van Mechelen, is sales manager at the Rafa Nadal Academy and, together with his family, took the decision to live and work in Mallorca. Tanguy shares his experience on the different steps - and pitfalls - of the emigration process to Spain. This episode is ideal for preparing yourself for a new life in Spain. No te lo pierdas!

Which topics are covered?  

  • How to prepare for emigration?
  • What are the steps in the emigration process?
  • What are the common pitfalls?
  • How do you find work in Spain?
  • How do you find a school?

You'll find out this and much more in the All About Spain Podcast. Don't miss this episode if you are considering living in Spain!   

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