Confianz launches Málaga Residential Investments fund

Confianz launches the investment fund Málaga Residential Investments BV, registered as a small-scale AICB manager with the Belgian FSMA. The fund offers prospective investors the opportunity to invest in Málaga city, without the worries of property management. We mainly focus on housing for students at the University of Málaga and expats working for international companies in the business park 'Málaga Tech' (Google, Oracle, Huawei etc.) .

Only for residents of Belgium

The fund is exclusively targeted at residents of Belgium and has a 10-year term. We aim for an annualised return of 6%, with rental income being reinvested. The minimum amount to invest is €100,000 per person.

Why are we launching this initiative? 

We notice a daily demand from our clients to investing in Spanish properties specifically for rental purposes. However, the property typically bought by individuals is not always suitable to serve as a permanent residence and has a more limited audience in terms of marketability than a flat in a popular international city.
In addition, we see a high demand for rental housing among the local population. Affordable housing in Spain is an issue and presents opportunities for investors. 

Students and expats

Málaga Residential Investments will respond to the current housing shortage by investing in two- and three-bedroom flats for students and expats working in the Málaga Tech business park. 
Because we resolutely choose a lightweight and cost-effective structure, we can only open up the fund to a limited group of investors.
The minimum investment is EUR 100,000.00, affordable in tranches. The investment horizon is 10 years.

We target a return to our investors - based on a conservative estimate - of 6.00% per year, including capital gains. Rental income is reinvested over the life of the fund.

Would you like more information about the fund? Then get in touch using the form below.

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