What are the costs of buying a property in France?

Are you considering buying property in France? As in Belgium, there will be additional costs on the purchase price when buying in France. This article will explain more about the cost of buying a property in France.

1. Taxes on top of purchase

Resale. In Flanders, registration fees are a maximum of 10%. In most French departments, however, you pay maximum 5.80% on top of the purchase price in taxes. These taxes consist of the departmental tax (up to 4.50%), municipal tax (1.20%), a withholding tax on basic and collection costs (2.37% on the departmental tax) and a registration fee (0.10%).

New building. In the case of a buy on plan (vente en l'état futur d'achèvement) or a new construction, you pay 20% VAT and registration fee of 0.715%. A property is new if you buy the construction before completion. The construction is also new if it is sold by a professional seller within 5 years of completion.

Under certain conditions, you can recover VAT. You are entitled to a VAT deduction if you will rent out the property for short periods and will offer at least three additional (hotel) services.

2. Notary fees

In addition to taxes and levies, as a buyer you will also pay notary fees. By this we mean, in addition to the notary's fees and honorariums, also the costs of the registration office. Count around 1 to 3% of the purchase price for this.

3. Cost of a mortgage

If you wish to take out a mortgage, there is a fixed fee and an additional registration fee of 0.715% on the value of the mortgage. In addition, the bank will charge fees such as property appraisal fees and debt balance insurance fees. There are also additional notary fees.

4. Other costs

Finally, depending on your arrangements, there are other costs. For example, consider the set-up costs of a real estate company (SCI), broker's commissions, legal advice, bank fees etc.

What are the French taxes on property ownership?


Broadly speaking, the cost of buying a property in France is around 7.5-8.5% of the purchase price. Purchases with VAT are more expensive, but are usually posted in the purchase price.

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