A house for sale in Ibiza. Can you just renovate?

You find an interesting house for sale in Ibiza, but renovation works are necessary. A common situation. Can you start renovation works just like that? In this post you will find more information about the possibilities of renovating a house in Ibiza.

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Depending on the destination

There are two main classifications for residential property in Spain. On the one hand, you have residential property (urbano). On the other hand, you have properties with rustic zoning (rustico).

If there is a residential use, the rules to carry out major renovation or extension works are more flexible. Usually, you can use a local architect for this.

However, if you are interested in rustic-zoned property, things are different. The Consell de Ibiza after all, wishes to preserve the characteristics and authenticity of Ibiza. In other words, you are not allowed to build just anywhere.

For example, Ibiza's urban plan (Plan Territorial Insular) impose various restrictions on buildings in rustic areas. There are zones where building is simply not allowed. There are also zones with special conditions or the plot must meet a minimum number of square metres. Specifically for renovation projects, for example, it is required to comply with the typical style of Ibiza.

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What to look out for when renovating in Ibiza?

If you see a house for sale in Ibiza that might qualify as a renovation project, it is best to take into account the town planning classification. To evaluate the feasibility of your project, you can check the destination enquiries with the broker or seller.

For ancient ruins or buildings, the original purpose may even be unknown or at least ambiguous (construcción fuera de ordenación). Consider unlicensed buildings where building violations are long overdue. In such cases, the municipality should conduct an investigation in order to fix the zoning.

The permit requirements for new works on your property depend on what exactly you are planning. For rustic areas, two bodies have jurisdiction: the town planning department of the municipality, on the one hand, and that of the Consell de Ibiza (Comisión Insular de Ordenación del Territorio, Urbanismo y Patrimonio Historicoartístico). In practice, we find that these bodies do not always process new applications quickly.

Know that new urban planning violations are not time-barred.

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Expanding or renovating in Ibiza is no easy task. It is important to be aware of the possibilities even before buying. After all, these possibilities have a significant impact on the value of the property.

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