How to apply for a NIE number from the Netherlands?

As a Dutch citizen, you can apply for a NIE number in the Netherlands, without necessarily having to be in Spain. In this article, we provide more information on how to submit an NIE application from your home country.

What is an NIE number?

An NIE number is a tax identification number for non-residents in Spain. With this number, you are known to the Spanish administration. For example, a NIE number is needed to pay Spanish transfer taxes when buying a property or to enter into contracts with utility companies. It is therefore recommended that you have a NIE number before having the purchase deed described at a Spanish notary.

There are two options to make a NIE number available from the Netherlands.

Option 1: the Spanish consulate in Amsterdam

Via the Spanish consulate you can make an appointment to apply for your NIE number. You need to appear in person at the consulate for this. After appointment, you can expect the numbers by email within 20 working days.

In preparation for the appointment, you should take the form EX15 and the form 790 to fill in and bring with you to your appointment. You should also bring the documents below:

  • a copy of your identity card or passport;
  • Proof of residence in the Netherlands;
  • A document showing the legitimate reason for your NIE application, such as the purchase of a home.


You can only request an appointment via the online agenda of the consulate. It is recommended to schedule an appointment during weekdays after 12 noon as this is when the most recent timeslots become visible. Please note that an appointment is always per person. If there are two of you, you should therefore make two appointments.

An NIE application costs €9.85 per person. The consulate's address is Frederiksplein 34, Amsterdam.

Option 2: via a notarised power of attorney

The other option is for you to appoint counsel to apply for an NIE number on your behalf. For example, you can provide our office with a notarised power of attorney. We will then provide you with a draft power of attorney with which you can address your own Dutch notary. Once you have signed this power of attorney, we can apply for the NIE numbers for you.

Usually, this option is the fastest. However, in addition to the cost of the NIE number of 9.85 euros, you should take into account your notary's fees.

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