Taxes and fees when buying a property in Andalusía

If you are considering buying a property on the Costa del Sol, keep in mind the additional costs. These costs depend on the type of property (new construction vs resale) and the purchase price. Below is an overview of all costs when buying a property in Andalusía.

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VAT for new construction and purchase on plan

For new build properties and a buy on plan, you will pay 10% VAT on top of the purchase price. In addition, you will also owe a stamp duty of 1.5% on the purchase price.

October 2021 update: reduced taxes indefinitely

The Junta of Andalusia has reduced the ITP and AJD to a flat rate of 7% and 1.2% respectively. 

Registration tax on resale

If you invest in a resale, the registration fee is 7%. This tax is lower than, for example, in Costa Blanca, where you pay 10% registration fee.

Notary and registration fees

The notarial act is also part of the cost of buying a property on the Costa del Sol. This cost also depends on the purchase price, but you can assume 500- 2,000 euros.
Registering your property title in the land register costs between 350 - 1,000 euros.

Transfer of utilities

This is transferring water and electricity contracts into your name. Allow for around €500 here.

Legal costs for monitoring and guidance

The cost of legal research is 1% of the purchase price + VAT, with a certain minimum.

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Other costs

Other administrative costs total around €150 - €500, including, for example, NIE numbers, notarised powers of attorney, document applications, etc.


In the Costa del Sol region, you will thus pay a total of around 10 - 12% on top of the purchase price for properties in resale. For new construction or a purchase on plan, costs when buying a property in Andalusía amount to around 12 - 14%.

Update April 2021

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