Building my dream house in Spain. How do I get started?

Newsletter April 2020 - Building your dream home in Spain|This newsletter is for those who would like to build their own dream home. At the bottom of the e-mail, we give another brief Corona update.

How do I start building in Spain? The very first step is to find a building plot. This is suddenly also a major pitfall. After all, you cannot build on any land, even if they advertise the plot as building land.

In addition, you should take into account the local building standards. So how many square metres of area are you allowed to build on? And what about the style requirements? Is a swimming pool possible?

Here you will find explained what to look out for when buying a building plot.

After building land: the real work

Once the land purchase is over, the real work can begin. An architect will draw up a design and take care of the permit application.

You will also appoint a contractor. Finding a reliable (foreign) contractor is not easy. Here, it is important that you proceed on the basis of references. And needless to say, a conclusive building contract essential. After all, we are talking about a long-term collaboration here.

After completion, you will have to pass by the notary for the second time. New constructions should be registered in the Property Register and Land Registry.

Ten-year liability?

If you are building to use the property yourself, you are a so-called Car promoter. In that case, you are not obliged to take out 10-year liability insurance. However, you are obliged to inform prospective buyers that there is no ten-year liability insurance.

Want to know more about building in Spain? Here are the 8 steps of building a property in Spain.

Still on Corona

Yesterday, the Spanish Parliament decided on the State of emergency to be extended until 26 April. If you need to go to the notary in Spain soon, we recommend two options.

  1. You change the deadline for execution of deed to, for example, end lockdown + 45 days.
  2. Either work with a notarised power of attorney with a Belgian notary. A Belgian notary who is proficient in the Spanish language can execute a Spanish-language power of attorney.

In new purchase agreements, it is also best to take corona measures into account.

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