Lawyers in Spain

Dutch-speaking lawyers in Spain

Real estate in Spain comes with several questions. Not only is the buying process different from that in Belgium and the Netherlands. The settlement of an inheritance also proceeds differently there. Confianz specialises in assisting individuals and companies with property transactions in Spain.

Therefore, our Dutch-speaking team with lawyers in Spain assist you with all your legal and administrative questions. Think about:

Buying in Spain

We offer a total package for assisting with the purchase of a property in Spain. After all, it is our job to independently look after your interests. Confianz therefore guarantees Dutch-speaking and independent guidance and legal advice in human language. Then you buy safely and without legal or administrative worries.

Inheritance in Spain

Have you inherited property in Spain? If so, we can fully assist you in settling the estate from Belgium. So your family does not have to travel to Spain to take certain steps.

Donating in Spain

Are you thinking about inheritance planning? If so, we can advise you on the various options, taking into account Spanish and Belgian taxes. If you decide to proceed with a gift, we can also handle this transaction for your family. The entire procedure can be done from Belgium. No need to travel to Spain for this.


Our services apply to all of Spainincluding the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. For property transactions, we are always on site when the deed of sale is executed.

Why a lawyer in Spain?


Do you have any questions? Please feel free to call 03 301 00 70 or email for more information.We are happy to be at your disposal. You can contact us at the office in Schilde (Belgium) or at the office in Marbella (Spain).

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