How does the utility connection work? Do we need to be present for this?


Utilities are transferred after the execution of the deed of sale. Three situations are possible here.

  • Resale: you do not need to be present for the transfer. The transfer is purely administrative. Meter reading is done automatically if the property has digital meters, which is usually the case.
  • New construction: in principle, you do not need to be present either. A technician from the utility company comes to install the meters after the deed of sale is signed. He is usually let in by someone from the property developer. You do not need to be present for this.
  • Bench attachment: in this case, there is usually no conformity certificate. This means that an architect must first make up the conformity certificate. A plumber may also need to come. Then the utility company's technician may come by to install the meters. Someone has to be present in the house for these appointments each time.

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