Environmental law lawyers

Are you working on the realisation of a real estate project? Our environmental law lawyer will assist you with all urban planning aspects in Flanders.

Our services are characterised by three terms: guiding - preventing - litigating. Confianz handles environmental law files for all of Flanders.

1. Guidance on permit applications

As environmental law specialists, we screen permit applications in order to avoid a procedure potentially becoming bogged down. This includes, for example, consultation with municipalities and advisory bodies, clearing objections from the neighbourhood and working with external experts such as a surveyor or architect.

Here you will find the different steps about applying for an environmental permit.

2. Assistance in case of refusal of environmental permit

Was your environmental permit refused? This does not mean that your project is at an end. Nor do you have to simply resign yourself to this. We can assist you with your defence.

What are your options when a licence is refused?

3. Objections and appeals

Our environmental law lawyer safeguards your interests and assists you with town planning disputes and proceedings for individually granted permits in Flanders. As an urban development lawyer, we can also assist you with appeals with the province and the Licensing Disputes Board.

Read more about the steps to challenge an environmental permit.

4. Real estate due diligence

Confianz helps you with due diligence regarding the urban development aspect of real estate investments in Flanders. What are the possible issues that may arise as a result of planned conversion works or the new destination you want to give to the property? Our urban planning lawyer advises you on the feasibility of your project before a final purchase.

What does real estate due diligence or urban planning research entail?

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