My newly built house was finished. What are the next steps?


Once the works are complete, the next steps can take place:

  • The various government agencies provide the attestations, including the licencia de primera ocupación, which can take several weeks;
  • your property gets its own registration number, a procedure that goes through the notary and the local registration office;
  • you can inspect the property yourself (or have it inspected) for visible defects;
  • an action date is set;
  • you will receive the settlement with the balance payable of the purchase price and the purchase costs;
  • the notarial deed of sale is signed on the agreed date, you become the owner and you receive the keys;
  • utilities are usually transferred to your name within 14 - 30 days of the deed date;
  • your title deed is registered, so that you are known to the outside world as the owner of the property.

After the works are finished, it is best to allow for another 1.5-2 months before you can move into the property.

Find more information about moving into a property in Spain here.

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